Love yourself first &be independent 


Love yourself first, and then the person who you deserve will come to you. You need to be more independent and know that you don’t need anyone to make you happy. Be happy on your on first and love yourself first, that’s the only way that you won’t be as hurt if you get your heart broken again. When you love yourself first you won’t need someone to tell you how beautiful you are or confident or any complement because you’ll already know that and you can just tell yourself that. Be more independent, don’t depend on anyone to make you happy. Be able to go out to eat and pay for yourself you don’t need someone to pay for your ever purchase. When your independent you can be without anyone and you don’t need anyone and that’s the most important thing. Love yourself and don’t depend on anyone but…

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Feel good about yourself


For a while, I felt really shitty about myself. I was a very negative person– I always thought about the worst situation possible, the worst part about everything. Now I’m so much more positive– I think about the good in every situation, and I wake up every morning with a positive attitude. I thought that I failed my first relationship because it ended and I was so hard on myself and blamed myself– now I know that it happened for a reason, and he wasn’t even good for me. He didn’t treat me right and. I don’t even want someone like that. I realized none of it was my fault, I was the best girlfriend in the world I couldn’t have been any better. I was never confident in myself– I always thought I was fat and ugly and it brought my self esteem down a lot. Now ever since…

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Don’t give up!


Don’t give up on anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted and just because it’s too hard to achieve doesn’t mean you should just give up! I attached a quote that is my all time ever that I feel is great motivation. When you find life so hard and you don’t know what to do anymore, maybe you want to give up or just doing things you love… Think about this arrow, hang it on your wall, keep it in your phone anything that will keep you motivated. When life gets hard just remember keep pushing and that something good is going to come out of all the hard work you’ve been doing 🙂

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What she wanted?


She wanted you to remove the mask
She wanted you to smile form the depth of your heart
And when she bent down to ask
She didn’t want you to ignore her Care
She thought that wasn’t fair
And when you had a sudden fight
She didn’t want you to let go
She wanted to stop the flow
Some little things she wanted
She might have refused to be daunted


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A beautiful cocktail.



The lethal but beautiful cocktail of the swirling emotions,delicious scents and the swoonworthy softness of my blank mind floating in the innocent, fluffy clouds was enough to screw me over. I had no recollection of how I came to be here. None,whatsoever. But if I wasn’t frigging delighted to have come across this utopic blend! I had always craved such bizarre,yet satisfying concoctions. But this is the first time I have actually achieved the high I have been craving for heaven knows how long. This makes the pain bearable. It makes this shit of a life seem not so bad. It makes the idea of living without ever seeing his face again, not hearing his cracking deep voice ever,not being able to envelope him in the warmth of my arms, cross my mind without me trying to tear the brown tangled mess straight out of my skull. It makes everything…

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5 things I want to try on

Helicopter Out

So, DIY has never really been my strong point. However, I recently found this awesome site and had to share some of the projects that caught my eye.

Bicycle Take Along Bar

Picture of Take Along Bar Bike

Small Rental Balcony Makeover – Before & After

Small Rental Balcony Makeover

DIY Lucky Stars

DIY Paper Stars picture

Garage Door Finger Print Scanner

Garage Door Fingerprint Scanner

Gummy Bear Cookies

Gummy Bear Cookies

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