BUSY: What Consume Your Mind Controls Your Life.



Hello World !!

We already talk about our visit to Art Science Museum for Da Vinci exhibition before. Today let’s talk about our 4th day in Singapore (Our 3rd day schedule is all day meeting so we will not going to talk about it.). today schedule will be stroll around Orchard road,  because we have an appointment for annual medical check up and i should meet my friend later on.

The medical check up was scheduled at 13:00 p.m so we leave a little bit early at 10:00 a.m. strike from where we live to Orchard by MRT.


It’s a busy day here in singapore as always. every body didn’t stop moving. Our watch say it’s 10:45 a.m. now. after some discussion we decide to look around for awhile and have our lunch later on Marmalade Pantry. 

Intagram and cover

located on Unit 03-22 ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn Singapore 238801, Marmalade Pantry is…

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