Content isn’t King: How SEO is more important than content quality

Pascal Lauscher Brand- & Marketing Consulting München

Gustav von Langenscheidt

There is a famous German brand called Langenscheidt. It was founded in 1856 and has been producing dictionaries since then. It has been the most important brand for dictionaries in Germany for the last 5 decades.

But if you google for “Wörterbuch Englisch” (which is “English Dictionary” in German) there is not a single search results pointing towards Langenscheidt on the first page. How can a relatively ugly online dictionary be more relevant than Langenscheidt in a field that they defined for decades?

  • Doesn’t Langenscheidt have a website? (They do)
  • Is it done so poorly it can’t be indexed? (It isn’t)
  • Do they have a bad domain authority or no backlinks at all? (On the contrary).

But other sites are just doing a better SEO job for this keyword.

Content isn’t king for Google -if it is similar across the board

The sites ranking on the first page are offering…

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