FIVE Things We Should Learn From Kids

365 Days of Thoughts by Blonde


Teaching piano brings me so much joy. Yesterday we had our spectacular piano recital. My students did a great job performing and showing what they learnt. And I want to share with you what I learnt from them:

1. Consistency – My “little” students, no matter what, come to class once a week. They practice on their own and as a result they progress much faster than any of my adult students. Adults usually move their schedule here and where, skip lessons, don’t practice and as a result often quit or lose interest because they don’t see any progress. And there is no excuse like kids have more time, they don’t. Modern children are as busy as we are, if not more. ☺

2. Curiosity – they are always interested what they are going to play or learn next, what musical symbols mean, why it sounds like this or…

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