What is Real and What is Really Real: Marketing in Augmented Reality

Quarryman Marketing

As we saw in last week’s post on connected cars, digital technology can have a profound impact on how we interact with the devices and machines that carry us through the modern day.

One such tech – augmented reality (AR) – is proving itself a boon to marketers in the digital age, and it’s allowing the smartphone to serve as a window into the connected world.

From the days of Morton Heilig’s Sensorama, which allowed bell-bottom-clad users to virtually ride a motorcycle through Brooklyn (smells and all), blurring the line between reality and imagination has been the charge of virtual and augmented reality innovators.

In the modern marketing world, AR tech allows a brand to overlay digital items onto physical objects and spaces. This technology is being used in everything from trying on a virtual pair of Chuck Taylor All-Stars to picking out the best low-sugar cereal for…

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