American teens have incredibly depressing beliefs about money


Teens — tragic and tortured as they are — are just as materialistic as they’ve ever been, but now recognize the unattainability of wealth, leisure, and all the happiness that they purportedly bring. Very sad teens!

A new study from the Journal of Poverty suggests that teens might be reaching new heights of disillusionment — but they’re still just as concerned with buying shit to makes themselves feel better. Teens today, moreso than teens of the mid-1990s, recognize that in today’s economic climate, social mobility is largely a myth, and think that more money = more possessions (particularly technology) = the key to happiness. The bleak implication here is that teens today believe that material wealth is tied to happiness, but also understand that attaining said wealth isn’t necessarily a result of simply working hard.

From The Atlantic:

As views on self-advancement changed over that decade and a half, so did views on the advantages of having…

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