Confession of a doodler |WWW – When, Why, What – The most common themes of mine |


“Sometimes, I think, that I draw like a robot.
“Why do I feel this way?”
” I often draw the same pattern, or figure.”
“When do I do this?”
“There are special circumstances and situations, which make me doing this. For example literature class, I always draw horses and peoples together then.”
“That could be boring, couldn’t it?”
“Could. Yeah, this is the key word. I think it could… or should, that is the better term. But It is not boring, I do not feel this, never, I know I should, but I just can’t. Crazy right?”
“Just strange, but I’m sure, there have to be somewhere a logical explanation. Until then tell me something about which situations bring up these habitude, and what are those repeated patterns which I draw in that case.”
“Let me think a minute…”

If I had voices in my head, this would be a…

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