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warrior princess bride

6bed3a72851b2bc794cd9f68e3f2c96dLife can be unexpectedly beautiful.

Life can surprise you, sweeping you up and taking you from a dark place into one of beauty in a single moment.

Eventually, of course, life will bring its unpredictable storm and that is usually the precise moment that we realise we need the Lord.

I’ve had a few of these moments over the years, moments when there was no one I could rely on but Him, moments when I clung to my Bible as my only hope.

But what about when life is going okay?

Or better yet, fabulous?

Sometimes, miracles happen. Sometimes, a person enters our lives and suddenly our smile is bright again. And we can be so blissfully unaware that the Lord is slowly slipping to the back of our minds.

What about those moments? 

It is funny how quickly we forget how the Lord has nurtured us to where we are…

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