You probably missed this climate change promise hidden in Clinton’s speech


Hillary Clinton’s official campaign launch speech Saturday was largely greeted with yawns from the political cognoscenti. Her theme of economic fairness — highlighted by making her announcement speech in Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island in New York City — has been telegraphed for months, and the speech itself reads like a State of the Union address: a laundry list of center-left policy proposals.

Environmental organizations such as the League of Conservation Voters and NextGen Climate issued statements praising Clinton for highlighting climate change as a priority. Clinton adopted President Obama’s amusing habit of mocking the pathetic Republican “I’m not a scientist” dodge on climate science. Most of her brief climate change section, though, was just the usual feel-good rhetoric about investing in clean energy. It was a subset of her general economic agenda, not a stirring moral call to action to avert climate catastrophe nor a…

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