Get the “Click” from your Call-to-Action

The Knot Pro Blog


When it comes to a call-to-action in your emails/website, your goal is to quite literally get users to take action. So how do you do it?

We’ve created a list of tips and tricks that are sure to help you create an enticing and clickable call-to-action that drives more engagement with your business:

1. Use a strong command verb: This is your chance to tell viewers what you want them to do — whether it’s download an e-book, register for an upcoming webinar, attend an event, subscribe to your newsletter, etc.

2. Get to the point: Be clear and to the point, we recommend a maximum of 4 words.

3. Give viewers a reason to click: Ask yourself “What’s in it for them?” Emphasize the benefits of clicking and use it as your unique selling point.

4. Create a sense of urgency: If this is a limited time offer, make…

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