It’s Not About Us


We desperately need to lower our expectations in regards to what we expect from others.

So before this statement is translated as depressing, doom-and-gloom, lazy, or disrespectful to ourselves or to others, let me clarify what I mean. I believe that we as people and as Christians get way too caught up way too often in ourselves–what we want, how we want it, what we expect from others, and how they can make us happy. Especially in romantic relationships. Of course this isn’t surprising, because every human on this Earth is selfish, especially myself. It’s in our nature. Sometimes we expect a certain person to come along, change our world, and magically cater to our needs and desires (especially if we vocalize them, and sometimes even when we don’t).

And this is a new concept to me–of course I knew that God doesn’t want us to be selfish–but that if…

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