My Obsessions.



Okay,lemme tell you something about, well,me. I sometimes get kinda obsessed with…stuff. Yeah, well, it’s not that big of a deal. Is it?Maybe. :/
Like, for instance, I was thinking about updating my playlist. God knows,it had been a while. I used to be obsessed with new music, but I had stopped listening to music some time ago. I dunno why, I just did. So I Googled a few songs I had been meaning to download and the next thing I knew, I was exploiting the WiFi like nobody’s business. I put Cheryl Cole’s name in the search box (You should know, I love Cheryl Cole♥ ) and started downloading the songs without even looking at the names. See,that’s the thing. People first listen to songs and get the ones they like. I, on the other hand, download loads of random songs and then decide which ones I…

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