The struggle is real.

holes in my socks


“Yes, what is it baby?”

“I’m bored….really bored.”

“Why don’t you play on the Kindle? Or the computer?”

“I already did that.”

“Well, let me think about it…can you please close the bathroom door…I’m sitting…and this is where I do my best thinking.”

She closed the door. Summer break just started for her…and she is already tired of what I had planned for her…which was lots of video games, pizza, and me catching up on all my shows on the DVR.

The struggle is real.

Summer is not about vacation…or relaxing. It’s about thinking of ways to keep your kid occupied. Summer is where I have important questions to answer like:

“What’s more nutritious for breakfast? Pancakes with vienna sausages? Or pepperoni pizza?”

“Is playing video games for 3 hours straight bad for her?”

Yes, I know they are all bad choices…but as parents, sometimes you have to improvise…

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