1975 Emergency : A Republic Ravished, A Nation Betrayed

vikas chandra

Twenty one months of Dark Age eclipsed my glorious sovereign Indian nation
When the dream of 1947, the pillar of a grand republic, succumbed to a dynasty’s insane obsession
For errant power to dictate free wills and adulated ominous vainglory
Kindled by abysmal servility, on the shaken ethos of a nation, to etch a sordid story

On that ill-starred day of 25th June 1975, another “tryst with destiny”, just a few ticks short of a murky midnight
Emergency decreed, a nation’s soul and right to life, seized by a callous regime, to a dynasty’s brazen delight
What for and why the angst to incarcerate a forsaken state slumbering with a hope for posterity?
State retorted “to safeguard land from internal disturbances”, to a nation’s cohesive hilarity

But the truth roared out the insolent vengeance of that lofty dynasty’s overwhelming pride
That lost to supreme law of land for a devious…

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