25 things that just tick me off!



¥When it rains out of nowhere and I am out
¥Leaking bottles
¥Continuous staring
¥Fake praise
¥When I can’t find an emoji which expresses what I want to say
¥Liars I catch
¥Bad letter formation
¥Dirty nails
¥Sharing my food. Others’ Saliva! Uhh
¥Gloomy atmosphere
¥Bad pronunciations
¥And wrong spellings
¥Someone using a word with similar meaning, and yet not
¥Sweating like a pig
¥Dirty windowpanes
¥Over-sweet people
¥When I am dying to get something and I get to know that the company no longer produces that
¥Badly written books
¥Bestfriend/True friend shit
¥Disgusting food
¥And not so disgusting food
¥Ill-fitting clothes
¥Being forced to get up in the morning for…stuff.
¥Gross smelling people

This might sound weird to you.Trust me,I know. But these are the things which just rub me the wrong way. There are many more. What can I say?I get irritated very easily. But these are…

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