Fortress of Solitude

Effulgence of remnant Sunshine

Often times we have complained of our privacy and thrown a tantrum when we didn’t receive what was rightfully ours. Most of us have this very bad habit of not voicing our concerns and keeping mum. It can be harmful and it eventually leads to frustration. Only solution then is to take it out on someone close to us unknowingly.

One such private space is “Bathroom”. It has and will always be the most private place. We are left to ourselves there. We ponder, we cleanse, and we do various other stuffs which I do not wish to reveal there (don’t think too much folks). What if this abode is taken away from you? What if there is no privacy there too? How would you react?

I would like to share with the feeling of Steve from Coupling when his privacy was hijacked by his love Susan.

We are men!…

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