my story rhymes

What does love mean?

Is it sending someone flowers?

Showering them with hugs and kisses

and calling them every hour?

Is it standing outside someones window,

and singing a song that you made up

Is it going to a romantic dinner

and sharing the same cup?

Is it taking someones side,

even though you know they’re not right

Is it staying up with that person while they are sick

and retrieving medicine at night?

Is it standing by someones side, while they are going down

in flames.

Is it being able to become one, and feeling that persons pain?

Is it laughing at someones jokes, though you feel they went to far

Is it being able to understand someone,

And appreciate who they are.

Is it having a disagreement, or perhaps a yelling fight.

Being able to set the differences aside

and actually making up that same night.

I can…

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