Man’s Deepest Desire!

Babashola's World


Power goes by many definitions with one similarity
Force or ability to be formidable
Authority is legalized power

Power is neutral but intoxicating Its use depends on the character
Of the one who wields it


Power is vast like knowledge
It has different forms and it transforms

Like knowledge power can be self destruct without understanding

Tyrants, psychopaths, world leaders, Spiritual leaders, great businessmen, politicians, and great personalities
Possess different forms of power


Yet they play dummy to the Eve
That owns the garden of their heart
Tell me, Eve, what power do you possess? To have such a hold and control over them.

Power is the Four Elements
Fire Wind Earth and Water
Nothing gets done without power
It creates life or destroys it

Many seek it, some have it
Few understands it

Power whatever form it comes
Is very intoxicating and hard to control

Only with humility and…

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