#11:The Wishlist



What I wish I could do without caring about shit.

Sleep all day.
Eat all night. Umm,not all night,maybe. That doesn’t sound like such a good idea in writing.:|
Read all the good mystery/suspense/thriller novels in the world.
Write like Sydney Sheldon
WEAR HEELS. PUMPS. PLATFORMS. HIGH HEELS. ANY HEELS. And not fall down on my damn face.??


Wear my pajamas all day long.
Sing like there’s no tomorrow. Even though I kinda suck. I mean, people tell me I have got a good enough voice,but that’s where my talent for singing ends. Now that I come to think of it, I do that already. Sing,I mean. It’s just not pleasant to listen to hear me wail.
Dance all around. I cannot dance in front of people. I don’t wanna hurt them with my, umm, abilities.
Never go outside…

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