Use of and Knowing About Google Web Fonts

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Google Web Fonts is a resource provided by Google that can allow you to use all sorts of different fonts and typefaces to your heart’s content. All it takes to use them are just three steps and you have them in your collection. Making things easier for you, if you have a Google Drive, you will be able to save them and use them across other electronic devices so long as you are able to access your Google Drive account(s). Now, with that being said, how easy is it really to use this source? What are the pros and cons of using Google Web Fonts? Let us discuss this.


The pros of using a font or typeface off of Google Web Fonts are that it is a great resource to use, especially as a designer. It is extremely quick to grab what you need…

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Web Design North England Tips

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Your website should project an image of your business that you want the world to see. The great news is that through good web design you can control that image.

In terms of physical design this means positioning your logo or key message in the top left hand corner – the part of the screen where the eyes of the website visitors are most naturally drawn to.


A good web designer will ensure that they use design techniques to lead the user around the screen and site. Clearly differentiated sub-sections and even a site map can ensure a concise, easy to follow navigation route, while good use of position, colour, contrast and size can all help focus the eye. Stick to…

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4 Reasons Why SEO Seems Hard To You?


Reason 1: I don’t know how to optimize my website

Search engine optimization (SEO) seems complex when you start. It’s normal that beginners are confused and uncertain.

Fortunately, SEO isn’t rocket science. Reading a step-by-step SEO tutorial will familiarize you with the basic concepts of search engine optimization.

Even if you plan to hire an SEO agency you should read such a tutorial. If you have a better knowledge, you can judge the level of expertise of the agency that you hire.

Reason 2: I don’t have the staff or the time for SEO

This usually means that search engine optimization is not a high priority for your business. That’s usually a mistake.

Good search engine optimization campaigns can drive a lot of targeted visitors to your website. Good SEO can turn an underperforming website into a cash cow for your business.

Consider changing your priorities. High rankings for the…

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Daughters of Ganges

vikas chandra

A riddle of kinds, in a shroud of white, where is that Paavi, who loved her life
Lo and behold that angel’s birth, how tramped on daisies, little feet of mirth
Now cuffed to a timeless mire of slurs, a widow they discern, “a dead man’s wife!”
Nothing afore, afar that hearth, kindled pyre of a woman’s worth

Kashi has aged a thousand years with many more years of Paavi’s woe
Beside the Ganges, her endless flow, once a darling daughter’s squandered glow
Surrogate profound, a mother found, dissolved her allure many moons ago
In dusky digs, now a sinking shadow, a gambled life, easy come easy go

Through splintered sense, as she recounts, a Bangla bride from a hamlet afar
She, a cherub of eight, groom, fifty or so, what on earth that means, would the poor child know?
Solemnized by fire, a ritual bizarre, widowed next day, a…

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The “F-Word”: Why Social Politeness is Transparent

Quiet As It's Kept

fat girls

(Left to Right: Alyson Hannigan [Date Movie, 2006], Philomena Kwao, Essie Golden, Tess Holliday)

For the typical size 18 girl like myself, the summer months bring along the ever complicated dilemma: wear longer clothes that cover up “problem areas” but threaten to cause heat stroke, or throw caution to the wind and go for the shorts and tank top that show every jiggle and bump. Up until my senior year of high school, skirts and shorts were out of the question. The last thing I wanted was for everyone to see the bits of me that made me the most insecure about myself. It was a question of comfort. At least clothes left everything to the imagination; I would rather burn under the summer sun to please others than show everyone my chubby arms and legs.

And that’s when it hit me. It’s not like my body was a secret…

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